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to the September 2014 edition of the FT Word. Topics for this month:

FT Works in the News

A new e-book: Smarter Customer Success Hiring

As announced last month, the newest FT Works e-book is about hiring Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and Service Account Managers (SAMs) — anyone whose primary responsibility is relationship management. As with the other hiring e-books (Smarter Support Hiring for support engineers and reps and Smarter Support Hiring II for support managers), the e-book includes both a methodology for hiring and hundreds of questions to choose from to screen candidates and check references.

Since Customer Success is a relatively new field it’s likely that you will have to consider candidates that don’t have a Customer Success background per se — so innovative questions and strategies are especially important. You can find more information and purchase Smarter Customer Success Hiring here.

The Real Mavens turn corporate

I’m very happy to report that I completed the chapter about support communities I had committed for The Real Mavens of Social Business bookbeing compiled by Shawn Santos — and I just learned that the book now has a new name, How Companies Succeed in Social Business: Case Studies and Lessons from Adobe, Cisco, Unisys, and 21 More Brands. 

I can be persuaded to share a few excerpts of my chapter, Social Support Untruths: When Received Wisdom is not Wise, on the blog. If there are any particular “truths” about support communities that you’d like to see busted, post a comment to help me choose the excerpt.


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