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Art Of Support by Francoise Tourniaire

 The Art of Support »

Second edition of the classic blueprint for managing customer success and support

Collective Wisdom by Francoise Tourniaire

 Collective Wisdom »

A guide to managing knowledge in support organizations

Selling Value by Francoise Tourniaire

Value »

A guide to designing, marketing and selling support packages

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 Smarter Customer Success »

You’re launching a new SaaS company or product. You need to create a strategy, processes, and team to ensure customer adoption, fight churn, and maximize revenue expansion and referrals.

 Smarter Customer Success Hiring »

Are you recruiting a CSM, TAM, or SAM? Do you have little time to prepare great interview questions? Or are you looking for a CSM job, and you want to anticipate what you’ll be asked?

 Smarter Support Hiring (I) »

If you’re interviewing for a support job and you want to anticipate what you’ll be asked, or if you’re recruiting a support engineer, support rep, or customer service rep, this guide is for you.

 Smarter Support Hiring (II) »

This guide can help you recruit a support manager, director, or VP (even if you have no support management experience yourself), or prepare for your own interview in those roles.

 Smarter Support Strategy »

If you want to build the effectiveness of your support organization, or you feel your days are consumed by firefighting, not forward thinking, this guide can help you select support initiatives.

 Smarter Support Escalations »

Are customer escalations eating up your day and making you (and your staff) miserable? Do you find yourself struggling to deliver against promises that other executives made on Support’s behalf?

 Smarter Support Budgeting »

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year, or resort to fiddling with last year’s numbers to avoid too much work, or automatically hire additional staff for every new support initiative.

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