Using Customer’s Information for a Better Experience

I was surprised to learn that a full 70% of consumers would give their banks more personal information if that would lead to better service levels (from the Ernst & Young 2012 Global Consumer Banking Survey). Think of your customers: would they get any better treatment if you knew more about them? Simple test: if a customer went to your support website and entered a search query, would you automatically filter on the products s/he owns (with an appropriate escape hatch, of course)?

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  • David Reply

    Customer Profiling has been a good practice in our organization. Customer Environment details are regularly updated which helps expedite resolutions to the issues they run into while working with our software. Also if feasible, a ‘virtual’ copy of the customer env, would help support reproduce customer issues in-house which would drive own issue aging.

    • ft-admin Reply

      Who is responsible for updating customer information? Are you putting the responsibility in the hands of the customers?

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