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to the October 2014 edition of the FT Word. Topics for this month:

  • 30 reasons why customers churn — hence thirty ways to kickstart your big data analysis
  • Managing the Invisibles.  Employees who shun the limelight abound in support organizations; learn to manage them
  • A new e-book! Smarter Customer Success – from strategy to implementation
  • And a quote about big data: There are a lot of small data problems that occur in big data. They don’t disappear because you’ve got lots of the stuff. They get worse.” David Spiegelhalter

FT Works in the News

A new e-book: Smarter Customer Success – From Strategy to Implementation 

Following on the heels of Smarter Customer Success Hiring, debuted last month, I am happy to announce the upcoming release of the Smarter Customer Success e-book, a step-by-step guide to defining a Customer Success strategy and implementing a Customer Success program, and an organization to run the program. You can preorder the e-book here and it will arrive in your mailbox by the middle of the month.

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