Smarter Customer Success: From Strategy to Implementation

You are launching a new SaaS company, or perhaps launching a new SaaS product from an existing on-premise product line and you need to create a strategy, processes, and team to ensure customer adoption, fight churn, and maximize revenue expansion and referrals. This e-book walks you through the steps required to make the strategic decisions and take the practical implementation steps towards a highly effective Customer Success function.

Smarter Customer Success will help you:

  • Design a Customer Lifecycle to integrate all customer-oriented activities into a coherent customer experience that spans internal silos.
  • Segment customers so you can deliver the most efficient adoption and retention services to all levels of customers.
  • Define a strategy for Customer Success that fits your customers’ and your internal needs, selecting appropriate high-touch and low-touch activities. 
  • Create a Customer Success organization appropriate for your requirements. Don’t just hire a few heads: design the entire organization correctly from the start.
  • Select metrics for Customer Success, including customer health scores and objectives for the team.


In nineteen information-packed pages, the Smarter Customer Success e-book includes:

  • A sample customer lifecycle.
  • Strategies for segmenting customers.
  • Recommendations for typical setups: low-touch and high-touch.
  • Implementation approaches that minimize upfront investments.

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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