Take a breath: use idle time

Here’s the third installment in the Take a Breath series, in which we explore ways to transform the current work challenges into positive strategic improvements.

Some support teams are working flat out right now. If that’s your situation, come back next week! But others find that issue volumes are lower and there’s some idle time that can be put to good use. This week, find something meaningful for your team to work on.

It could be:

  • Work on the knowledge base. Time to finally push those articles out of draft mode (or put them out of their misery), create the troubleshooting guides you’ve dreamed on for months, and clean up.
  • Learn something new. There are many resources for online, self-directed learning. Ask each learner for a plan of what they will learn, and ask them to share what they learned with others to add meaning and extra diligence to their learning.
  • Revamp the onboarding sequence. Another neglected chore that will pay you back as you add new team members.
  • Improve soft skills. You can conduct your own sessions, or ask a pro. All FT Works workshops are available in remote-learning versions.

What’s on your neglected list? Please share your suggestions in the comments. And stay healthy!

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