So this happened …

The Art of Support Second Edition on

And just like that, The Art of Support, Second Edition, is officially published and available for sale! (If you live outside the US, look for it on your local Amazon site.) Who will be the first reader to post a review?

The hard-copy version of the manuscript and its wonderful cover are going to the printer tomorrow, so real books will be available very soon. You can pre-order them right now.

Many thanks to the intrepid team of reviewers. Ken Anton, Darach Beirne, George Crow, Andreas Froelich, and Cathy Switzer waded through the manuscript twice and generously shared their experiences, feedback, and blunt assessments of what did not work. Thanks also to Rob Castaneda, Tom Southard, and Justin Withers, who provided helpful comments. I am grateful for your help.


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