Introducing The Art of Everything

Last month, I introduced The Art of Complex Support, the brand-new soft-skills workshop for support engineers that covers the entire experience of working with customers. It is continuing its successful start — so much so that I have now renamed all the FT Works workshops to match. You can choose from a very long list, including the entire Art of Complex Support series and continuing with:

  • The Art of Troubleshooting
  • The Art of KCS
  • The Art of Training
  • The Art of Managing Projects
  • The Art of Managing Time
  • The Art of CRM, all for support engineers
  • The Art of Managing Support
  • The Art of Marketing Support, for support managers
  • and the latest, The Art of Customer Success, for CSMS

More details are on the training page. The start of the calendar year is a great time to think about training: Schedule your workshop now !

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