Are you or is someone you know a Type B manager?

Do you think that all good managers are aggressive, brash, and outgoing? In The Type B Manager, Victor Lipman shows how type A people (who are aggressive, brash, and outgoing) tend to be considered more readily for leadership positions, but type B people (who are soft-spoken, quiet, and reflective) can also be great managers, if they can overcome their tendency to avoid conflict.

The book contains two prescriptions, one for type As, who should turn down the volume,  ignore minor things; and watch out for demoralizing off-hand comments. After all, on the receiving end, a dominating, demanding, and distorted boss is not exactly pleasant or motivating — or conducive to constructive dialogue.


The other theme of the book is a prescription for type Bs. Yes, they are measured, analytical, and good listeners, all strengths for managers. On the other hand, they need to work on turning up the volume. Don’t shy way from conflict, drive for productivity, and improve their public speaking abilities.


This would be a great book to share with a quiet individual contributor that you think would be a good manager one day, but may not picture himself or herself as one.

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