Introducing The Art of Complex Support

After 18 years, hundreds of workshops, thousands of participants, and a towering stack of  accolades, I am retiring the Managing Customers workshop and replacing it with a brand-new soft-skills workshop for support engineers with a new architecture that emphasizes the critical components for working with customers. It will be called The Art of Complex Support with a nod to The Art of Support, the authoritative guide to managing Customer Success and Support organizations.

Here’s a peek at the architecture of The Art of Complex Support:

Starting at the top left and going clockwise:

  • build empathy with the customer to create a bond
  • build trust so the customer will enter in a true collaboration
  • set boundaries as needed
  • flex to the customer’s unique work style
  • finally, center yourself with good time management, stress management, and teamwork

All newly-scheduled workshops starting in January will showcase the new architecture. Schedule your workshop now and watch your customer sat results soar!

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