The 31 Flavors of 24×7 Support

By Technical Support

It sounds so good to offer “24×7 support.” But what does this mean exactly? One of my colleagues says it has 31 flavors and I am happily borrowing this phrase. I won’t count to 31 but here are a few (some of which can be mixed and matched)

– Off-hours cases (nights and weekends) are handled as normal if they are linked to a production-down system. Otherwise, they wait until the next business day.

– Production-down issues are handled immediately around the clock until the system is back up. Everything else, including root cause determination on production-down cases, waits until the next business day.

– Customers may, at their discretion, designate any case as an emergency, which gets immediate treatment around the clock. Other, non-emergency cases are handled only during business hours.

– All cases are handled in a similar manner around the clock, regardless of the priority.

– The Support team handles cases around the clock but the Engineering team is not available off-hours should the customer need a patch or debugging assistance.

– Weekend service is limited to P1s but during the week there’s always an office open anywhere in the world to treat customer cases.

– English-language support is available around the clock; local-language support only during business hours.

– Off-hours cases are handled via a paging system and it’s luck of the draw on who is on call.

What kind of 24×7 support are you providing? And do all the offices around the world agree on the definition? Make sure your customer SLA is clear on what they can expect.

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