Is your support portfolio successful?

During a spirited panel with Patricia Lughezzani and Dan Reese at the SearchUnify user conference, we were asked to talk about measuring the success of support offerings. Great question!

The standard (and important) answers are to measure customer satisfaction and renewals. I would another, more challenging metric: the percentage of customers that are on the “right” support plan according to their profile.

What does this mean? Before you can even attempt to measure this metric, you need to have a solid definition of customer segments and how they relate to your plans. For instance, you may match plans with customers strictly based on ARR, or you may want customers with a specific product line to be on a premium plan. If you have not defined a match between customer characteristics and plans, do that first. (And expect to have to adjust your plans to match segments.)

Assuming you have defined customer profiles for each plan, you can measure your match achievement. It may be interesting to measure the match achievement for new customers vs. established customers, with the hope that newer contracts are better matched than old ones.

Do you measure your plan match percentage? Tell us about it in the comments.