Doing Cascades Right

In the December 2012 edition of the Harvard Business Review, authors Gulenic and Hermreck report on a study of a very large global corporation that shows that although a good relationship with one’s direct supervisor is very beneficial in other ways, it does not help employees understand and support the corporate strategy.

They stress that top managers must deliver strategic messages, ideally in a two-way communication environment, since they understand the strategy best and can put it in a broad perspective.

What methods to you use to ensure that strategic messages get through loud and clear?

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  • Lura Flynn Reply

    For our global team, we conduct a broad array of outreach and inter-active activities to announce strategic direction, goals and objectives including: live, interactive videocasts leveraging our TelePresence locations to pipe in golobal leaders and participants, with real time chat, Q&A & polling funcionality to ensure thorough rollout & understanding of direction, followed by in-person leadership meetings to drill down to tactics and provide additional details. We continue with monthly open forum Q&A “Brown Bags” and quarterly social gatherings to additionally provide in-person access to and visibility of leaders.

  • Sue Purkis Reply

    Each quarter, the VP of Global Support holds a series of All Hands meetings. This gives employees around the world the opprotunity to hear directly from the top of the Support organization. We cover our yearly goals, and strategic projects we are working on, a quick review of numbers (particularly Customer Satisfaction) and shout-outs.

    Anything that is discussed in the All Hands is also discussed in each individual Director and Manager’s staff meetings. This gives employees time to digest the information and gives them the opportunity to ask quesions in a smaller setting.

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