Accuracy vs. Simplicity

By Technical Support

You are supporting two slightly different versions of the same product, maybe running on different hardware or against different databases. Based on experience, Version B is a little more complex than Version A to support, requires a slightly more skilled support engineer perhaps, takes a little more troubleshooting time, or tends to be used by customers who need more handholding.

It makes sense to price support for Version B a little higher than for Version A then, right?

Quick, what do you think?

For me, it’s a big maybe. Yes, it makes logical sense to price higher, but who said pricing was a science? If you already have multiple levels of pricing, perhaps because you offer multiple levels of support, adding yet another differentials may push your pricing in the complicated category, hence less appealing to customers, not to mention more vulnerable to errors. So perhaps you are better off with a consistent price, for simplicity’s sake.

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