10 Things from the 10 Best Support Websites Report

The ASP’s 10 Best Support Websites Report is out and I read through its 150 pages to find 10 nuggets to share with you. Happily, I found one in each of the winners’ write-ups. Congrats to all, and especially SAP, who got a little help from us at FT Works.

  • Use website ideation to improve the website. I’m a great fan of using the website to collect customers’ input on products; JDA took it one step further by having customers rank website features to be deployed.
  • Bring silos together (“Join or Die”, as Republic Wireless puts it, reusing a Benjamin Franklin motto). Customers do not care about internal differences: they want a coherent experience.
  • Identify and concentrate on top tasks, as Red Hat did. This is particularly important for very rich websites where too many choices can be overwhelming.
  • Use personas to structure different experiences. We do this routinely when we create websites. Nutanix did it to include prospects and POC customers, who are often left out of support websites (inappropriately so, imho).
  • Rein in your executive sponsor: say no to new ideas once the sprint begins. (Congrats, NetScout!)
  • Put mobile first (NetApp). We just cannot assume that most users are on a desktop.
  • Consider SAP’s “Schedule an Expert” offering, through which customers can schedule a 30-minute discussion with a support engineer.
  • Help customers select the products they are interested in. Spirent’s “Focus on Products” helps customers define the products they want to hear about for a better experience. This is very helpful when product lines are vast.
  • Offer a website login to customers who log cases by phone, as Ivanti does.
  • Traffic grows a lot with translation: for ESRI, traffic in Germany doubled, traffic in Latin America ad China tripled, and traffic in Japan was multiplied by… seven! We know that translation makes a difference, but I was amazed by the numbers.

Are you using any of those techniques? Please share.

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