The Art of Support, Second Edition

The Art of Software Support was published by Prentice Hall in 1996 and has nicely established itself as the practical reference manual for new and experienced support managers. A few things have changed since then, so we published a completely rearchitected second edition in 2016.

What will be different in the second edition?

  • The cover: no more floppy disk as on the old cover, seen here (what is a floppy disk, grandma?). The new artwork highlights the four big jobs of (modern) support instead.
  • A brand-new section on Customer Success. Yay! Reason enough to read the new edition, I think.
  • Ample coverage of SaaS support issues, and hardware support, too — hence the disappearance of the word Software in the title.
  • The emphasis on self-service rather than assisted service. And many fewer discussions of phone support.
  • A totally new tools chapter. The original one is, well, vintage, to be polite.
  • More focus on the business side of support, including budgeting and ROI analysis.
  • A completely re-thought coverage of metrics.
  • An electronic version.

Some things will not change in the second edition, including the comprehensive coverage of offerings, processes, people, tool, and metrics management, and the focus on practical ideas, with (new!) checklists for a slew of popular tasks, pros and cons on common support dilemmas.

You can order the Second Edition now — or get the original, vintage first edition.

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