Planning Ahead: 3 (!) Presentations at TSW San Diego 2017

I am delighted to have been asked to present on three different topics at the upcoming TSW conference in San Diego in May.

Two presentations will be with customers:

  • one with OSIsoft called Blurring the Lines: Recruiting and Training Services Staff Members as One Big Family in which we will share a long-standing program of using support as a training farm
  • the other with Cloudera entitled Turning Hard-Core Techies into Customer Conversationalists in which we will present Cloudera’s roll out of The Art of Complex Support to its team.

Many thanks to Cloudera and OSIsoft for partnering with me.

The third presentation will be a panel moderated by John Ragsdale on the topic of the social impacts on the customer experience. My co-panelists will be my colleagues and friends David Kay and Phil Verghis. We plan to have lots of fun.

Come listen to all three presentations, come by the booth, come to the conference. Register here.

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