Introducing: Smarter Service Cloud Implementations

Thinking about implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud? Already rolled out, but experiencing issues? Wanting to improve the customer experience with the Community Cloud? We can help.

For years, FT Works has helped customers implement Salesforce as a support-tracking tool. With the addition of Salesforce-certified resources, I’m proud to introduce a formal offering to implement Service Cloud and also make improvements to existing implementations.

You can choose to work with us through an entire implementation, or we can assist with just the steps you need help with, a la carte. Here are some of the tasks we can help with:

  • Creating a list of key requirements, working with stakeholders to get to a consensus on critical features.
  • Attaining executive alignment and approval, with budgets and schedules and ROI analyses
  • Purchase assistance, so you buy what you need and no more, and with good terms.
  • Solution design, providing guidance through the detailed customization choices and creating a list of use cases
  • Full implementation, whether it requires customizations or  integrations with other tools Depending on the requirements this may include customizing Service Cloud, implementing Community Cloud, integrating Salesforce with other applications such as Jira, and creating a custom website that integrates the Salesforce portal with other functionality you’d like to display together. Our team of Salesforce experts can handle all aspects of implementation. If needed, we can also provide resources for user acceptance testing (UAT) and rollout support.
  • Technical audit of your existing Salesforce implementation. Sometimes all you need is to simplify and slightly customize the interface
  • Community Cloud implementation (if you are using the older Salesforce portal)
  • Creating automatic dashboards to replace manual metrics. No more pivot tables!
  • Creating a comprehensive support website that integrates the Salesforce portal with other functionality such as order status, downloads, training registration, etc. to deliver a seamless customer experience.

To every implementation, we bring our deep knowledge of the support industry, something not every Salesforce implementer can provide — in addition to certified Salesforce resources. This means your implementation will be effective, not just efficient.

You can find more information here, or contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

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