How many support offerings do I need?

By Technical Support

I don’t know.

 Really, there’s no magic number! You should have just as many as your customers need and you can sustain with your current resources. So unless your organization is massive you probably can’t offer more than a handful and unless your customers are really all the same you probably need more than one.

Start with the customers: can you group them into logical segments? (Don’t just guess: ask them!) Perhaps you have smaller, budget customers, with limited needs; larger customers who want round-the-clock support; and more demanding customers who need proactive support, not just a number to call when they need help. That would suggest three support offerings: one with business-hours support with a limited number of authorized contact; one with 24×7 support; and one with an account manager to provide the extra level of care for the more demanding customers.

Don’t go overboard with the snumber of support offerings: more is not necessarily better. If customers (and sales reps!) cannot easily grasp the defining features of each offering and how they match their needs, they won’t buy.

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  • Mark Bath

    In most cases fewer is better. If you can not define big definite differentiations between the percieved value to the customer of your support offerings they will only confuse your customers not to mention your sales force. Remember support sales are often much smaller $$ than the product sales they attach to and your sales force is coin opperated. If you make your support offering too complex they be frustrated or simply ignore it.

    Ask two questions… what do the customers want…. and what will the customers pay for ?

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