Don’t just “check in”

Do your customers want their CSMs to “check in” with them? Probably not: your customers are busy (as you are) and they want to budget their time wisely. So requests for a check-in meeting are likely to yield a big fat no, or worse, no response. Instead, propose:

  • To review a specific aspect of their experience with your product (“I’d like to show you how you can increase your conversion rate”)
  • To discuss relevant news on your end (in other words, not “we have a new release” but “our new release includes the new feature about X that you had asked about and I’d like to present it to you”)
  • To bring a new player up to speed (“I’d like to spend 30 minutes with your new campaign manager to present our solution and results”)
  • To learn more about changes on their end (“I’d like to understand how we can help you meet your goals this quarter”)
  • To share pertinent industry news (“I went to an industry conference and saw some new ideas I’d like to share with you”)

What have you used to show value for proposed client meetings?

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