Are you using a tool to track customer success activities?

If so, you are in a small minority. According to the The TSIA 2018 Global Technology Survey, only 30% of members use a “CS work management” solution, defined as a tool to track onboarding, success plans, playbooks, health scores, adoption monitoring, renewal and expansion possibilities. (For scale, a full 91% of members use a CRM system and 15% use chat bots, putting CS tool users in 34th position on the 42-category list.)

And you may not be very happy with that CS tool.  Users report an average satisfaction of 3.44 on a 0-5 scale with CS tools, putting them in the last quartile of the list (but only one category rates above 4, and not by much; support folks are demanding when it comes to tools!)

Not surprisingly, CS tools comes in at a high #6 on the list of planned investments with 58% of members planning a purchase in the next two years.

Do you use a CS tool? If so, are you happy with it? If not, are you looking for one? Please share.

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  • Ravi Desai Reply

    We have started to capture customer success activities within Salesforce system. We have created a custom object for it. We have build dashboards using TIBCO Spotfire to help us better visualize the activities. We are leveraging the native Tasks in SFDC to capture activities and categorize the activities (eg Engagement, Checkin, Escalation, expansion etc)

    The goal behind capturing the activities is tracking as well as get a better understanding of the level and type of engagement.

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