TSANet Webinar: AI Roadmap for Support

Join me and Paul Esch of TSANet on 3/26 as we explore

  • What commercial AI tools can do—and you probably should not try to duplicate in-house
  • What you can accomplish in-house, and what it takes to be successful
  • What we can expect in the future, both for generative AI and non-generative AI . Most AI projects are rooted in gen-AI, but in our opinion it only touches the surface.
  • How AI can help support teams not just help themselves, but also leverage their existing assets to power change in the product and beyond
  • How to maneuver the technological and political challenges of AI projects

For more details and to sign up, go here.

4/10/2024 update:you can listen to the webinar here (scroll to the middle of the page to get the recording).