The Art of Marketing Support

Want to improve the support portfolio? Are sluggish renewals limiting your budget?

The Art of Marketing Support workshop is focused on how to design support portfolios, create offerings, and how to market, sell, and renew support. The one-day workshop is designed for support marketing managers and support managers and executives who want to maximize support revenue and the support margin.

Bring your current support portfolio and ideas for improvement: we will conduct mini-makeovers in real time.

  • Product marketing and services marketing — similarities and differences
  • Segmenting the customer base
  • Architecting a support portfolio
  • Defining support offerings with the right SLAs and features
  • Defining and marketing premium offerings
  • Pricing so you never have to discount
  • Managing support renewals
  • Training the sales force to sell support
  • We can focus on a specific goal (e.g. creating a premium offering).
  • We customize each delivery to suit your exact needs.

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