The Art of Managing Promises

The third workshop in The Art of Complex Support Series delves into the foundation of support: making, meeting, and managing commitments.

Support organizations manage an extraordinary array of commitments with customers and with other internal organizations. To be successful, support staff needs to be able to make and to receive strong promises that work will in fact get done as intended. The Art of Managing Promises workshop demonstrates how to make both strong requests and strong promises, and how to say no when it’s the right thing to do. It’s a one-day workshop.

  • The commitment circle
  • Preparation (getting something to happen): making a good request
  • Negotiation (collaboration): getting a strong promise
  • Saying no
  • Working with counteroffers
  • Performance (getting it done): canceling requests and revoking promises
  • Acceptance (declaring success)
  • Trust and building a strong identity
  • Identifying positive and negative moods
  • This workshop is part of The Art of Complex Support series and is best when completed at the end of the series.
  • We customize each delivery to suit your exact needs.

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