The Art of Customer Service

Challenging customers? Unrealistic demands? We can equip your team to navigate the challenges.

Customer service can be challenging, especially with difficult, demanding customers who won’t take no for an answer. The Art of Customer Service workshop brings a slew of useful techniques, role plays, and confidence to non-technical customer support teams in a highly interactive one-day format.

  • Listening skills: the basis for effective service
  • The importance of tone
  • “Magic” words: good and bad
  • Effective communication skills on the phone and in writing (email, chat)
  • Listening skills: the basis for effective service
  • Taking control of the call
  • Saying no (nicely)
  • Shielding customers from internal issues
  • Customer styles: what they are and how to flex to them
  • Working with upset customers
  • Working with multilingual and multicultural customers
  • Time management amongst interruptions
  • Stress management
  • We customize each delivery to suit your exact needs. For more information or to schedule a session, please contact us.
  • Looking to train support engineers or analysts? Consider The Art of Complex Support series instead.

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