The Art of CRM

A custom workshop to train support teams on new tracking tool and knowledge management tools.

The Art of CRM is a custom workshop that provides a fast, effective way to train support staff on using new tools. Each workshop is tailored to your specific requirements, both tools and processes, and typically lasts a few hours. We leverage our workshop architecture and templates to keep the development process down to a couple of weeks.

  • Task-based: each interaction with the tool is presented in terms of a task to be completed (e.g., create a new case) and not in terms of what the tool can do
  • Hands-on: lectures are abbreviated to short demos and attendees are asked to interact with the tool throughout the workshop
  • Targeted: the workshop focuses on the most often-common tasks to ensure that they are fully mastered. We do not waste time rarely-used features or processes.
  • Includes job aids: attendees can use the training materials to review what they learned during the workshop
  • Suitable for self-learning: the materials can be used in a self-paced manner by team members who cannot attend a training session and need to learn on their own
  • Suitable for remote delivery: the workshop can be delivered via web conferencing to reach remote users easily and effectively
  • Train-the-Trainer ready: we can train your staff to deliver the training, making future new-hire training a breeze
  • We can deliver the workshop in person, remotely, or via a train-the-trainer program.
  • We can create reference materials to be used after the training.

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