Artful Complex Support Certification

You’ve trained your support engineers, but do they really master the art of complex support?  Our certification program gives you (and them!) confidence that they can work with customers with finesse and skill.

The Artful Complex Support Certification creates multiple-choice quizzes from a large question bank and asks support engineers to select the right answers from a list of options designed to challenge their reasoning skills, beyond their factual knowledge.

The certification is designed to work as a complement and addition to The Art of Complex Support workshop and we recommend an immediate delivery following the workshop.

Participants who do not succeed may retake the test. Since we are using a question bank with 100++ questions, it’s not a matter of learning the questions by heart: they really need to understand and master the subject.

  • Creating rapport with customers
  • Driving cases to resolution
  • Making and meeting commitments
  • Delivering bad news with care and diplomacy
  • Setting boundaries
  • Working with difficult customers
  • Flexing to different customer styles
  • Using effective time management techniques
  • Stress management
  • Continually improving support skills
  • We can customize the certification to add coverage for your specific processes and policies. Contact us for more detail.
  • At this time the certification program is only available for The Art of Complex Support workshop attendees. We can create bespoke programs for other workshops. Please ask.

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