Smarter Support Escalations (eBook)

Are customer escalations eating up your day and making you (and your staff) miserable? Do you find yourself struggling to deliver against promises made by others?

When customer escalations get out of hand, they can consume all of your time and take a significant toll on your morale — and your staff’s. Do you feel that all your time is spent fighting fires, with never a spare moment to do some strategic thinking? Do you often find yourself struggling to deliver against overly generous promises that other executives have made on Support’s behalf? This guide has answers for you, especially if you serve large, demanding customers.

  • Practical techniques for minimizing escalations and screening out other issues.
  • Setting clear lines of communication with customers and internal players.
  • A complete process for managing escalations from beginning to a successful conclusion including creating action plans, managing to the plan, and concluding escalations.
  • Metrics for escalation tracking.
  • Creating a dedicated escalation team.
  • Conducting post-mortem reviews to identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Minimize escalations by implementing robust base processes and recognizing problems early, before they turn into escalations.
  • Spend precious staff’s time on the most important issues by implementing a qualification process for formal escalations.
  • Maintain clear lines of communication throughout crises . Good communications within the organization and with the customer goes a long way towards defusing emotions and speeding up the resolution process. Learn how the magic square will help you.
  • Get to a swift resolution by building and maintaining action plans. . Action plans are the escalation manager’s secret weapon. We’ll show you what makes an effective one.
  • Use the information to educate other stakeholders such as other executives and salespeople, who often get caught into escalations and don’t always know what to do with them.
  • Use each escalation to improve the process by holding effective post-mortem reviews. Learn how and when to share the results with customers.
  • Create an escalation team, but only if you need one. Staff it judiciously to avoid waste and conflicts.

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