From the TSIA conference: A Surprising Amount of Cloud Neglect

I attended the TSIA Technology Service World conference last week in Santa Clara (thanks to all you who dropped by the booth!) and I was surprised by some real-time numbers we got. During the opening keynote, the speaker, Thomas Lah, asked the audience whether they offered any kind of adoption services to bolster product usage after initial training and a paltry 49% of attendees said yes (to be fair, only 76% of respondents said they had a cloud offer — but still, even if all the non-cloud attendees responded to the question about adoption, it still leaves a surprising portion of vendors with a cloud offer but without adoption services).

Moving on,

  • Only 36% of attendees have any kind of ongoing consumption monitoring.
  • 44% of attendees reported they were “not sure” whether their cloud operations are generating more than a 10% in operating profits (and 37% say no, leaving only 19% to say yes).
  • is spending $2 to generate $1 in incremental revenue.

Perhaps it would behoove us to focus more on adoption? If you want to but need help, talk to me (we can help)!

What are you doing to bolster adoption?

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