Smarter Support Website Design

Is your website delivering an ideal customer experience? Do your customers choose self-service first?

Web support is an essential component of high-quality support, as customers appreciate being able to resolve issues independently and intelligent self-service allows more rational investments in assisted support. We can help design a brand-new website, refresh an existing site to match a new look-and-feel, or help incorporate a new functionality of product line.

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  • We start with a thorough assessment of your current site and a gap analysis of the requirements for the new site. We interview stakeholders, conduct a competitive analysis, and inventory integration and technical requirements. We create prioritized recommendations for functionality, navigation, tools, metrics, and strategies to address special needs such as mobile or international users.
  • We create a site architecture map, a structural diagram that organizes content and tasks in a visual manner.
  • We create wireframe drawings for individual pages of the site, showing the hierarchy and allocation of real estate for page elements including navigation, copy, and images.
  • We conduct usability tests with customers to ensure that we are meeting the goals set forth earlier.
  • We create a visual design that shows the actual pages as they will appear to the users, ready to be converted into code for display.
  • We implement the site, in your environment.
  • We create both mobile (responsive) and desktop designs.
  • We can provide an assessment of the site (only) to help you secure funding for a site upgrade.
  • You can choose to implement the site if you have the appropriate development resources.

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