Smarter Support Quickstart

Startup? New product line? We can help you make all the essential decisions you need for support.

Whether or not you have support experience, we can help you get a support organization off the ground quickly, from defining support offerings that make sense for your customers to implementing basic case resolution and knowledge management processes, and tools and metrics. And we never forget that we have to balance customers’ needs with your organizational capabilities and budget. We are fast and we help you limit risk.

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  • Create a comprehensive blueprint to implement each of the Five Layers of SupportSM (our field-tested methodology), carefully balancing the resource limitations with the growth plans.
  • Recommend a support portfolio to meet the needs of the various customer segments.
  • Define processes for self-service, knowledge management, case resolution, and escalations to other departments.
  • Build a realistic staffing model and a budget.
  • Recommend tracking tools and metrics appropriate to the state of the organization.
  • Suggest a timeframe for implementation
  • You can choose to conduct the implementation independently by following the detailed blueprint – or we can provide hands-on assistance with recruiting, process documentation, and tool implementation.
  • We can also help you integrate a new product line, or a new acquisition, into an existing organization.

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