Smarter Support Processes

Chronically understaffed? Deluged by customer escalations? Bogged down with complicated processes that no one really understands?

Support organizations are big machines: if we implement the right processes, we can ensure both customer satisfaction and efficiency. We help you streamline processes that include too many approvals, delays, and handoffs. We also help implement missing processes to manage escalations, stay on top of the backlog, perform root cause analysis, and manage knowledge.

This package is recommended before a new tool implementation, to make sure you implement the most efficient processes possible.

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  • Armed with a comprehensive checklist structured along the Five Layers of SupportSM, our field-tested methodology, we start by understanding the larger context for the support organization and inventorying the existing processes.
  • We conduct one or several workshops to review or define processes for: case resolution, backlog management, escalation management, knowledge management, root cause analysis, and more.
  • We define workflows and metrics for the new processes.
  • We can focus on a particular set of process, or work on all of them.
  • We can create training materials and train the support team on the new processes.

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