Smarter Support Portfolios

Curious how your offerings compare with those of your competitors? Not sure whether to add a premium support offering? Wondering about how to price a new offering?

Whether your support portfolio is non-existent, too large, or no longer in sync with your customers’ needs, we can help you rationalize it to meet customer needs, but within the limits of what your organization can deliver. We help you define support packages, price them, sell them, and renew them. We have experience with SaaS and on-premise support portfolios.

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  • Define customer segments. Customer segmentation for support often considers criteria beyond customer revenue.
  • Define packages to match customer segments. We help you determine what features make sense for each segment, keeping in mind the current and future capabilities of the support organization.
  • Define SLAs. Service-level agreements help set customer expectations and define internal processes. They also need to compare favorably with market conditions.
  • Determine pricing strategies. The trend of support pricing is to be transparent, hence simple. This makes it all the more important to define a pricing structure that can be easily shared and accepted by customers and sales reps. We also help define strategies to avoid and manage discounts.
  • Create marketing and sales materials. It’s not enough to create a great support portfolio, it needs to be communicated to customers so they select the right level of support for them. We can create online and print collaterals, and sales training materials.
  • Align organization and offerings. Some support offerings create demands on the organization that require special handling. We help you determine how to offer 24×7 support, fast response times, proactive support, and other high-demand deliverables
  • We can help you create premium (and super-premium) offerings to serve high-end customers and collect high-end revenue rewards. We help break company barriers when it makes sense to add non-support deliverables into a support offering.
  • We can create an entire support portfolio or provide a la carte assistance
  • We can audit existing portfolios, investigate whether customers are choosing the appropriate offering for their segments, and check that premium options are utilized as expected.
  • We can help sunset support offerings and migrate customers to other offerings. We help define strategies that minimize complications and conflicts.
  • We can rationalize offerings after acquisitions. Acquisitions often create incompatible support portfolios that frustrate customers and salespeople. We suggest ways to streamline offerings that will be seen positively by all parties.
  • You can choose a workshop approach instead of consulting.

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