Smarter Support Health Check

Is your support team performing at peak efficiency? More important, is the team focused on the right goals that will serve customers, and the rest of the organization, best?

Our health check provides a complete assessment of your support organization, which you can use to diagnose the root cause of customer satisfaction issues, identify achievement gaps, pinpoint get-well strategies, and prioritize investments. We provide an independent, agenda-free view of your organization contrasted with industry best practices.

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  • Armed with a comprehensive checklist, we use a combination of structured staff interviews and a systematic review of our existing process documents and metrics to explore the Five Layers of SupportSM, our field-tested methodology.
  • Based on the investigation, we create a comprehensive assessment for each of the five layers, showing strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvements so you can deliver more effective support to your customers.
  • We also create a prioritized list of recommendations to help guide your implementation strategy and investments. For each recommendation, we give you an estimate of the effort required and the likely benefits it will create. Health checks typically generate 20-30 recommendations.
  • We can investigate a specific issue (e.g. too many escalations) or conduct a balanced assessment.
  • We can focus on a particular area (e.g. self-service) if that’s your preference.
  • We can extend the process to other teams that interact with the support organization, whether internal (e.g. Engineering) or external (outsourcers).
  • Once you have the recommendations, you can choose to implement them independently or we can provide assistance as needed.

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