Smarter Support Coaching

Are you a new support or customer success manager? Are you struggling with a specific issue and would like confidential help? Wondering how to quickly bring a recently promoted manager up to speed?

We help new managers get up to speed quickly, whether or not they already have management experience, and we also work with managers who have identified weaknesses they want to address. This is an ideal mentoring program for soon-to-be promoted or newly-promoted managers and is also very popular for managers who are struggling and need confidential support.

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  • When tackling performance issues, we start and end the process with a 360 evaluations to to gauge improvements over time.
  • We usually schedule one session per week, with unlimited questions between sessions.
  • We set coaching goals jointly with the manager, both strategic goals for the duration of the engagement and tactical goals between each session.
  • We work with the manager for 3-6 months, since behavioral changes are not instantaneous.
  • Each coaching session blends strategic best practice discussions with topics immediately relevant to the manager.
  • We work with both new and seasoned managers.
  • We can help managers who have identified a specific weakness as well as managers who know something is not quite right, but can’t quite identify a root cause.
  • Coaching can be standalone, or follow a formal training session. We offer programs for support managers and for managers of customer success teams.

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