Smarter Service Cloud Implementation

Thinking about implementing Service Cloud? Already rolled out, but experiencing issues? We can help.

Leveraging our proprietary design methodology, the Five Layers of SupportSM, we guide your Service Cloud deployment not just as Salesforce experts, but also as support experts. Our holistic and structured approach delivers not only a working tool, but one that will deliver a positive online experience for customers, an efficient agent interface, and management insights to inspire continuous improvements for the long run.

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  • Create a list of key requirements. We conduct a process workshop to design, revise, or confirm case resolution and knowledge management workflows and help separate the needs from the wants. We also perform a technical review of existing systems to gather integration and other technical requirements. Finally, we define a list of requirements for the implementation.
  • Attain executive alignment. We help you craft a budget and recommendation for the project, including a schedule and ROI analysis.
  • Assist with the purchase. We define specific licensing requirements for the project and can negotiate the most advantageous contract terms.
  • Design the solution. We guide you through the detailed customization choices and create detailed enhancement requirements. We create a list of use cases to structure the functionality testing process. We define metrics and dashboards that meet best practices as well as your specific management challenges.
  • Implement. Depending on the requirements, this may include customizing Service Cloud, implementing Community Cloud, integrating Salesforce with other applications such as Jira, and creating a custom website that integrates the Salesforce portal with other functionality you’d like to display together. If needed, we can provide resources for user acceptance testing (UAT) and rollout support.
  • We can audit your current Salesforce implementation to assess its state and any additional integration requirements. By the end of the process we can verify that Service Cloud is the right solution for you – and what changes and additions in the Salesforce solution you need.
  • We can guide you through the entire implementation process or just the steps you need help with, a la carte.
  • We can assist with specific improvements for already-deployed systems. Popular choices include implementing Community Cloud for a seamless customer experience and creating automated dashboards to replace manual metrics.

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