Smarter Customer Success

Need to onboard customers more effectively? Worried about churn? Not sure how to compensate CSMs?

Whether you are starting a new customer success program from scratch, or improving an existing one, we can help you define customer journey maps, diagnose churn root causes, and identify opportunities for revenue expansion.

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  • Analyze causes for churn. The goal is to create a predictive model so you can target the right customers for additional attention.
  • Define customer segments and offerings. Headcount-intensive activities are wonderful, but not every customer needs them. We suggest criteria for differential treatment and appropriate offerings for each segment, bringing them together in a customer journey map.
  • Structure the onboarding process. Onboarding lends itself very well to a repeatable process. We help you identify activities that can be automated or delivered in self-service. We suggest approaches for testing or certifying customers so they are truly ready by the end of onboarding.
  • Define retention processes. This includes monitoring customers’ health, alerting the team when predefined criteria are reached, and specifying automated or personalized actions based on the criteria.
  • Create a staffing model, recruiting strategy, and performance management guidelines. This includes designing bonus criteria for the CSMs..
  • Implement tracking tools. Customer success activities and customer data need tracking. We suggest solutions appropriate for your needs.
  • Create customer scorecards. Scorecards are most effective when they combine multiple data points, yet remain streamlined. We help define what to include in scorecards, how best to present the information, and how to use the scorecards with customers and internal players.
  • We can help you set up a comprehensive customer success program, or work a la carte.
  • We can create recommendations for you to implement, or provide assistance during the implementation.
  • We can train CSMs to better communicate with customers, engage at a strategic level, improve their presentations skills, and collaborate effectively with other groups in the company.

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