Training Programs that Work: Effective training for global organizations

If you’re hiring new support staffers, you know they need to be trained before you put them to work. And if you are lucky enough (and clever enough!) to enjoy a stable team, you know that each week brings changes, new products, new policies, new releases, that require re-training the existing staff.

How do you do about it? Do you need a dedicated training team, or can you beg, steal and borrow? Should you schedule regular new-hire training classes, or is a self-paced approach more effective? Should you be content to send staff to customer training classes, or do you have to write your own to cover the troubleshooting aspects that customers don’t learn about? Should you translate training classes into multiple languages?

Training Programs that Work answers these and many other questions you have about training for support organizations including

  • Leveraging the knowledge base for training
  • Using train-the-trainer programs for delivery
  • Why you should develop as little new curriculum as possible
  • How to use technology to decrease training costs
  • Finding and accounting for the hidden costs of training


In eighteen information-packed pages, the Training Programs that Work e-book covers

  • The benefits of training
  • The four types of training in support organizations
  • Creating training paths
  • Curriculum development options
  • Training delivery options and what to choose when
  • Creating and using tests
  • Tools for training management and delivery
  • Five case studies to inspire you
$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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