The Smarter Support Library

Are you new to Support and trying to “learn it all” within a limited amount of time? Would you like to create a reference library for your support team? Do you enjoy a good deal?

Get The Smarter Support Library and start your learning voyage for 20% off.

  • Learn at your own pace. Each booklet is easily read in an hour or so to allow you to schedule your learning to suit your schedule. The Art of Software Support, Collective Wisdom, and The Business of Support are chunkier, but you can read them one chapter at a time.
  • Get training for a small investment. Written materials pack a lot of learning into a modest price tag. You can easily pay as much for just one day of classroom training.
  • Leverage best practices with your entire team. Set up The Smarter Support Library as your group library and everyone can get educated for the same price.
  • Reward a newly-promoted manager or staff member. The Smarter Support Library is a great way to congratulate newly-promoted staff members and get them started on their next promotion.


The Smarter Support Library includes all available books and booklets

$610 for regular US shipping
$750 for overnight US shipping or express international shipping

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