Smarter Support Rollouts

Do you have a new product, new release, or new service on the horizon? What you need is a solid, comprehensive plan to prepare for the rollout — together with a no-nonsense execution. Easier said than done in the average chaotic support environment.

Smarter Support Rollouts gives you ready-to-use templates to create a strong support plan as well as dozens of tips on how to work successfully with Engineering and Marketing and how to get the entire support team appropriately engaged.

  • Adopt a proactive approach so you are never again blindsided by an unexpected rollout.
  • Use our proprietary Five Layers of Support ArchitectureSM to create a complete checklist for what needs to be done for the rollout, including items you may never have thought about such as changes in the support offerings
  • Estimate staffing requirements.
  • Find solutions for training delivery.
  • Define a strategy for gathering and leveraging the experience of the first few days and weeks after the rollout into improvements to the knowledge base and to your overall processes.


In 30 information-packed pages, the Smarter Support Rollouts e-book includes:

  • A product rollout template
  • A template for estimating staffing requirements
  • Suggested timelines for the rollout activities
  • Tips for planning and participating in beta programs
  • Alternatives to standard classroom-based training classes
  • How to have Support be included in the product lifecycle planning

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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