Smarter Support Outsourcing

Outsourcing can deliver good customer satisfaction with potentially very significant cost savings compared to doing the work in-house. Is your support center a good candidate for outsourcing? And, if so, how do you ensure both quality and cost savings?

Smarter Support Outsourcing has answers for you.

  • Set reasonable expectations for outsourcing: outsourcing doesn’t always result in spectacular savings, and it requires a lot of management attention. Don’t dream too much
  • Expedite outsourcer selection with comprehensive checklists and a game plan for selection and implementation.
  • Ensure high quality and low cost by negotiating a contract with the right incentives and metrics.
  • Get started quickly by streamlining the startup process.
  • Manage the outsourcing relationship for long-term success.


In 27 information-packed pages, the Smarter Support Outsourcing e-book covers:

  • 7 truths about outsourcing: stop dreaming and start planning
  • When outsourcing is not the right answer
  • Defining a selection checklist
  • The outsourcer selection process: timeframe, actors, steps
  • Negotiating good outsourcing contracts
  • What to do to lead to a successful startup
  • Managing an outsourcing relationship

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