The Art of Customer Service

Customer service can be challenging, especially with difficult, demanding customers who won’t take no for an answer. The Art of Customer Service workshop brings a slew of useful techniques, role plays, and confidence to non-technical customer support teams.

This one-day workshop uses small-group techniques, multiple role plays, and individualized post-training action plans to ensure that the training is not only fun and informative, but leads to long-term behavior changes.

Topics covered include the following.

Communication Skills

  • Listening skills: the basis for effective service
  • The importance of tone
  • “Magic” words: good and bad
  • Effective communication skills on the phone: phone etiquette, articulating, greeting customers, concluding calls, making outbound calls, leaving messages, transferring calls, handling conference calls
  • Effective email communication including creating professional messages and when to pick up the phone rather than use email

Working Effectively with Customers, including Difficult Customers

  • Listening skills: the basis for effective service
  • The importance of tone
  • Taking control of the call
  • Saying no (nicely)
  • Shielding customers from internal issues
  • Customer styles: what they are and how to flex to them
  • Working with upset customers
  • Working with multilingual and multicultural customers

Time and Stress Management

  • Time management in a support environment where interruptions are a normal part of the day
  • Stress management, focusing on proactive and reactive techniques to minimize stress

We customize each delivery to suit your exact needs. For more information or to schedule a session, please contact us.

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