Smarter Support Strategy

Do you want to bring your support organization to the next level of effectiveness and success? Do you feel that your days are consumed by firefighting, without any time for forward thinking? Can you use some help with the big picture when it comes to selecting support initiatives?

Smarter Support Strategy has answers for you.

  • Act strategically by following a simple discipline for yourself and your management team.
  • Link strategy and execution so that good ideas actually get implemented.
  • Use our proprietary Five Layers of Support ArchitectureSM to create a coherent set of goals for your organization.
  • Tie the support strategy to the overall company strategy for better recognition (and funding).
  • Use a comprehensive planning checklist to organize your strategic thinking.


In 25 information-packed pages, the Smarter Support Strategy e-book covers

  • 7 golden rules of thinking strategically
  • How to marry support knowledge and business knowledge to create a coherent support strategy
  • How to sell support strategy inside and outside the support team
  • The Five Layers of Support ArchitectureSM methodology for building successful support
  • A complete, structured checklist for organizing strategic discussions

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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