Smarter Support Budgeting

Does budget time strike fear in your heart because you have to reinvent the wheel every year? Do you resort to fiddling with last year’s numbers to avoid too much work or too much thinking? Does any new initiative automatically mean more staffing is required?

Smarter Support Budgeting is the thinking manager’s answer to budget anxiety.

  • Start with a fully-tested template. Do you use a tiered support model? A Touch-and-Hold model? A mixed model? We provide 4 predefined templates to make budgeting a matter of thinking, not struggling with a spreadsheet.
  • Test scenarios painlessly. Whether it’s modeling the effect of your new knowledge management initiative or testing what it will take to handle a 50% increase in sales, it only takes a few minutes with the proper budget model
  • Easily justify staffing increases. Many financial discussions go badly because they do not rely on proper staffing models. Once you customize our templates headcount discussions become much easier.
  • Integrate revenue forecasting. If you manage to a margin target you should budget to a target, too. The templates include , yours or others’, with practical suggestions for transitioning to new pricing structures.

This e-book is a great companion to Smarter Support Strategy.


Smarter Support Budgeting includes

  • A step-by step method for creating a support budget, including how to estimate utilization rates, forecast case volume, create a staffing model, and estimate costs.
  • Revenue forecasting option for P&L budgeting.
  • Recommendations on how to gather and validate the basic metrics required to create the budget.
  • Four templates for creating a custom budget — with the full Excel files that go with them.

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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