A Smarter Start: Creating a new support infrastructure from the ground up

Do you need to create a new support infrastructure in a startup company, for a new product line, or in a new location?

A Smarter Start will help you:

  • Leverage what you have. Don’t create a brand-new operation when you can reuse or expand what you have. We’ll show you what’s worth salvaging.
  • Create a comprehensive plan. Don’t just hire a few heads: design the entire organization correctly from the start..
  • Make the right tradeoffs. Often when you’re starting you need to watch your pennies. We’ll show you where to invest and where to save.
  • Adopt a reasonable rollout plan. If time’s short, and it usually is, know how to make the strategic decisions that matter.


In nineteen information-packed pages,  A Smarter Start e-book includes:

  • A pros and cons discussion on when and whether to create a new support organization.
  • A six-step comprehensive strategy for creating a new support operation.
  • Recommendations for typical setups: startups, new products, international centers.
  • Implementation approaches that minimize upfront investments.

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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