Smarter Support Metrics

Do you have no metrics for your support operation, but don’t know where to start? Do you have lots of metrics, but none that are really useful? Are you disappointed in the canned metrics that came with your tracking system? Is your staff distrustful, to be polite, of the current metrics? Do you find they are not useful to communicate the value of what the support team accomplishes?

Smarter Support Metrics has answers for you.

  • Quickly define key metrics for organizations of any size.
  • Collect data unobtrusively so support staff can collect correct data and believe in the results.
  • Get actual layout templates to simplify and shorten your implementation cycle.
  • Organize metrics so they can be used for making decisions based on support experience.
  • Use metrics to communicate with other departments such as Engineering, Finance, and any other group that you need to interact with.
  • Use metrics to look forward not just backwards.


In 26 information-packed pages, the Smarter Support Metrics e-book includes:

  • A straightforward, practical strategy in six steps to define metrics that are meaningful, accurate, and easy to generate an use
  • How to create a support dashboard to summarize all key metrics in one easy-to-read document.
  • Detailed metrics samples you can use as templates.
  • Pointers for using support metrics to change business practices throughout the company

$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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