Selling Value: Designing, Marketing and Selling Support Packages

Selling Value tells you everything you wanted to know about marketing and selling support — with a lighthearted approach that makes it easy to focus on just one topic or read all about it, whichever you choose.

Support can make up to 50% of technology vendors’ revenue and generate hefty margins of 60% ++. Selling Value shows you how to maximize the top line by packaging support to meet your customer requirements, enabling sales reps to present the value of support and overcome objections, and minimizing discounts both during the initial sale and at renewal time.  With over a dozen case studies you will find plenty of inspiration for how you can augment and improve your current support portfolio.

Selling Value is for:

  • Support marketing managers who want to maximize services sales
  • Sales reps and sales executives who are selling support, whether or not they also sell products
  • Support managers and executives who want to ensure that every support sale yields a satisfied customer at a reasonable cost to the company in implementing or running knowledge management initiatives.


300 pages packed with information about:

  • Principles of support marketing
  • Creating support packages and portfolios
  • High-end options
  • Support collaterals
  • Rolling out new portfolios
  • Selling support
  • Support Contracts
  • Renewals

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