Best Practices for Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring, the up-to-date term for call monitoring, uses observations of support staffers interacting with customers to provide meaningful coaching and performance evaluation. How do you go about launching a monitoring program that’s fair, effective, and doesn’t alienate your staff while consuming hours of your managers’ time?

Best Practices for Quality Monitoring has answers for you.

  • Increase customers’ satisfaction by monitoring items that matter to them.
  • Minimize the time requirements of monitoring without hurting reliability and effectiveness.
  • Get wide staff acceptancor a program that’s not always popular.
  • Select a monitoring tool without overbuying.
  • Leverage the quality-monitoring program to improve the efficiency of the organization, get other organizations to understand support issues, even hire better staffers.
  • And get a solid monitoring checklist all ready for customizing.


In eighteen information-packed pages, the Best Practices for Quality Monitoring e-book covers:

    • 5 criteria of good quality-monitoring programs
    • 6 steps to implementing a new quality-monitoring program
    • What methods are best for monitoring quality in your environment
    • Training the quality monitors to ensure the ratings are meaningful and fair
    • Selection requirements for quality-monitoring tools
    • Metrics for quality-monitoring programs
    • Leveraging the quality-monitoring program to improve processes and efficiency within and outside the support center
$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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