The Art of Managing Knowledge

The Art of Managing Knowledge workshop focuses on knowledge management techniques for support organizations. It exists in multiple versions, from two hours to two full days, to suit the needs of knowledge contributors, executives, and knowledge coaches. It can be used for teams that are debating whether to use Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) and want to explore its advantages.

The workshop uses small-group techniques and multiple exercises so you take away an array of practical tools to make your knowledge base more useful for internal and external users.


  • The 4 models for managing knowledge – and which one(s) are appropriate for your organization
  • Finding sources of inspiration for ready-made solutions
  • Managing the creation and publication cycle
  • Maintaining the knowledge base
  • Search engines and retrieval
  • Leveraging the knowledge base for self-service and online support
  • Staffing and organizing for knowledge management
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Metrics 
  • Changing the culture of the support organization to move from case resolution to knowledge management

We customize each delivery to suit your exact needs. For more information or to schedule a session, please contact us.

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