One Big, Happy, Multicultural Family? Managing the Global Support Operation

Many support operations are global, whether to serve customers around the world in their own time zones and their own languages, or to take advantage of better labor rates. Whether you are planning to expand outside your home base or you are already managing a global support operation, One Big, Multicultural, Happy Family has answers for you.

  • Balance customer demands for local support and your cost and margin goals.
  • Structure the team to minimize confusion and turnover.
  • Select the best locations for your specific requirements.
  • Making Follow-The-Sun support work for you and your customers.
  • Implement effective processes for Engineering handoffs.
  • Move from resentment to synergy between the regional support centers.


In twenty-nine information-packed pages, One Big, Happy, Multicultural Family e-book covers

  • 3 reasons for why you may need a global operations –- and 3 alternatives
  • Whether support offerings should be the same or different in various regions
  • Modifying support processes for global success, including Follow-The-Sun
  • Self-service for global operations
  • Structuring global teams for maximum success and minimum cost
  • Selection requirements for quality-monitoring tools
  • Tools and metrics for global operations
  • A 12-point template checklist for site selection
  • Effective communications and management techniques for global teams
$40. The e-book will be emailed to you following your payment.

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